Marketing and communications for construction products
The UK building industry is unlike any other and requires dedicated expertise to fully understand and manage its complexities, and to communicate effectively with the different audiences involved. Hodsons is a specialist consultancy and marketing company serving only construction industry clients - particularly product and material manufacturers and suppliers, service providers and trade

Hodsons…before you even think about marketing in the building industry

At Hodsons, we offer a wide range of marketing services - always with the personal involvement of Chris Hodson - including literature and websites, general communications, lobbying, PR and advertising, awards and events. We can also act in an advisory and consultancy capacity in areas such as strategic marketing, product development, branding and intellectual property – often working with clients at Board level. We can help established UK businesses to increase market share, overseas companies to develop firm roots here and innovators to bring new products or companies to market.


Hodsons is unlike any other marketing agency or consultancy. Chris Hodson’s independence and expertise provides a wide construction industry view at the earliest stages, ensuring that the right route is taken with marketing strategies and implementation. We work with minimal briefing or supervision, understanding and questioning information supplied, developing close working relationships with all sections of client organisations and delivering projects on time and on budget. Our work often extends beyond that of general marketing agencies into product and market development, where our clients appreciate the benefits of our early involvement. Our fundamental role as a link between different industry disciplines often extends to internal communications as well. Here, we bring together cohesive information from various technical, product development, sales and commercial parts of a company.


In all our work, we consider the overall building industry implications of what we do and provide an essential, independent, industry view at all stages – effectively, as devil’s advocate. We take nothing for granted, examining legislation and standards in detail, and challenging expert opinion where needed. Hodsons provides the essential bridge between suppliers and their specifiers or customers: our expertise allows us to speak the same language as our target audiences in all communications. Creative ideas are firmly rooted in the building industry as part of our commonsense and realistic approach. But despite our specialisation, we always look afresh at new products or markets, as each is unique in how and where it fits into today’s building industry and which factors affect it.


We are entirely flexible in how we operate, regularly taking on complete marketing packages as a full service agency, including budget management. In some cases, we act effectively as the client’s marketing department. But we are equally happy carrying out individual projects, perhaps working alongside other in-house marketing professionals or client’s agencies. We are particularly proud of the close, long-term relationships developed with our clients which, we are confident, result from our unique approach and expertise.


To find out how Hodsons can help your organisation, contact Chris Hodson.