Marketing and communications for construction products

The architectural and building industry press in the UK is characterized by an unusually large number of publications of different styles and quality, some subscription-based and many free of charge to ‘controlled circulations’. Our detailed knowledge and continuous contact with the media enables us to guide clients through the bewildering maze of titles.

PR & Advertising

We maintain probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of UK building industry and any related publications of interest to our clients, as well as on-line publications, directories and portals. But, in addition, we develop and update our own views of each title, based on our experience and the readers’ perspective - including effectiveness in delivering particular information, ability to raise awareness of clients and generation of sales enquiries.


We tailor specific PR programmes for each client, based on realistic goals and
achievable results. Generally, we identify all relevant trade press features and negotiate feature and lead articles, as well as maintaining a consistent flow of product and project pieces generating sales enquiries. We are well-known and trusted by editors and journalists, who recognise the suitability of our work for their particular readership. As a result, we are regularly commissioned to produce or contribute to feature and news articles on behalf of our clients. This not only generates awareness but also enables us to educate, lobby, mould opinions and develop markets to suit our clients’ needs.


Further examples can be found in Client Case Studies.


We have demonstrated that our PR campaigns are substantially more cost effective than display advertising, both in terms of cost per page and per enquiry. However, advertising often has a part to play at some stage in a promotional campaign and we are able to take an absolutely objective view of the best marketing mix because of our independent position. Hodsons provides full advertising agency services and has built up excellent relationships with the wider building industry media to ensure good positioning and competitive rates. Our creative work is always considered from the specific viewpoint of the target audience and stands out from the ‘noise’ that confronts readers of the construction industry press. Creative ideas are firmly rooted in the building industry as part of our commonsense and realistic approach.