Marketing and communications for construction products

Informal advice on many issues, based on our dedicated building industry expertise, proves an invaluable part of our close relationship with clients. But Hodsons can also act in a structured consultancy capacity.

Advice & Consultancy

Our wide building industry experience and pragmatic approach enable us to produce effective strategic marketing proposals that fit the industry. In addition, Chris Hodson's full understanding of intellectual property issues means that he can help clients on new product design, market development, product range structuring and branding. We also advise on a wide range of activities including Continuing Professional Development (CPD), awards, exhibitions and market research.


Our specialization and flexibility allows us to work with organisations of all types and sizes. For larger companies, we can play an invaluable role with internal communications, acting as a central catalyst and link between technical, commercial, sales and marketing people whose perspectives might not otherwise be recognized. We can gather together information from all parts of an organisation, analyse it and report to senior management. We also carry out sales force and other personnel training to instill a clearer understanding of how the building industry operates across client organisations for more effective interaction with specifiers and customers.


With smaller companies and business start-ups, we have the expertise and experience to advise on a wide range of issues, effectively in the role of building industry mentor. In particular, overseas-based companies operating here can benefit from our knowledge of the regulations, standards and practices unique to the UK construction industry, as well as the correct use of terminology and language. International companies can also make use of our close links with UK architectural publications which reach English speaking audiences around the world.


We are able to provide this wide range of advisory and consultancy services successfully only because of our dedication to the building industry and our continuing contact with it.