Marketing and communications for construction products
“Hodsons has been able to demonstrate consistently effective performance, reliability, flexibility and value for money with an impressive marketing package. However, it is Chris Hodson’s firm grip of technical and legal issues, wider view of how the construction industry works and vision of where new developments might lead that has proved invaluable to both developing and implementing Interpave’s strategy over the last five years.”
John Howe, Development Director, Interpave, 2008.

Interpave - part of the British Precast Concrete Federation

The UK’s Precast Concrete Paving and Kerb Association has a particularly wide target audience ranging from architects and landscape designers to civil engineers and contractors - as well as homeowners. Appointed in 2003, Hodsons works closely with the Development Director to position Interpave as the voice of the paving industry, influencing legislation and other developments, and establishing the definitive paving information resource.


Hodsons provides Interpave with a complete marketing and communication service covering all functions, and has exceeded agreed KPIs, including:

  • creation of an extensive website, with ongoing development and maintenance, forming the core of Interpave. In excess of 120,000 technical document downloads have been recorded so far in 2008, representing more than 100% increase
  • writing, editing and producing eight issues of Interpave’s Pave-It magazine with a circulation in excess of 25,000. All back-issues continue to be downloaded regularly from the website at an increasing rate

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  • planning and executing – including all writing - a comprehensive PR campaign focused on extensive articles commissioned by editors, supported by shorter news items. Over the last three years, the extent of published items well exceeds the target of 40 pages per annum with a strong presence in premium publications covering different sectors. The effectiveness of specific PR projects in driving visitors to areas of the website has been directly measured.

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  • In addition to Hodsons consistently delivering projects on time and budget, Chris Hodson acts in a consultancy capacity, applying his full understanding of the building industry, in direct contact with both technical and marketing committees to explore and exploit market trends.

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