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"As an architect himself, Chris Hodson understands what architects are all about and has made the most of limited campaign budgets to build real interest and enthusiasm from them, anticipating and dealing with any issue they may have along the way. He has proved to be a particularly effective driving force in directing the campaign proactively so that it is always fresh, relevant and topical."
Sandy Harrison, Chairman, European Copper in Architecture Campaign UK.

Copper in Architecture – a pan-European trade association campaign

A trade association operated in the UK via the Copper Development Association to promote and develop copper cladding, roofing and other building elements. Hodsons has acted for the campaign since its UK launch in the 1990s leading to the resurgence in popularity of copper with architects which continues today.


Originally launched as a roofing campaign, re-branding as the European Copper in Architecture Campaign with more focus on copper cladding was proposed by Chris Hodson who has been instrumental in developing the campaign to meet the changing demands of architects. Hodsons provides a flexible range of full agency services tailored to suit changing requirements and budgets, working directly with various parts of the copper industry internationally. Key activities where Chris Hodson has played a particularly influential role include:

  • the European Copper in Architecture Awards – transformed from a UK only roofing industry event to a major pan-European architectural design award programme now attracting over 70 entries and a panel of influential architect judges. The Awards now have a high standing amongst the architectural community and provide a central focus for the promotion of copper

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  • sustainability and the environment – working directly with copper industry experts in various countries, Chris Hodson adapts complex technical information to suit UK attitudes and practices; for example liaising with BRE on the 2008 ‘Green Guide’ and presenting rainwater runoff issues in the context of UK regulations on sustainable drainage. This approach is summarised in an environmental guidance document produced by Hodsons

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  • Copper Forum – an established industry magazine, published centrally by the European Copper in Architecture Campaign and distributed to a 20,000 circulation in 10 countries. Chris Hodson regularly contributes articles, edits other content and sits on the editorial board, expanding the scope of this popular magazine to satisfy its architectural readership.

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  • Apart from managing and operating a rolling campaign, Chris Hodson plays a central strategic planning role, identifying new trends and opportunities, and works closely with individual manufacturer members of Copper in Architecture to optimise their promotional opportunities.

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