Marketing and communications for construction products
The procurement process implications for each particular product, material or service will be affected by a wide variety of factors: who actually selects and influences; when in the procurement process and why; what trends and developments are important; which legislation, standards and guidelines come into play.

Maximising effectiveness through real understanding

This section of the website looks at the main players involved in the procurement chain and their influence, the growing affects of legislation, changes in procurement methods and the specification process. We consider professional clients, such as major commercial investors and housing associations, their architects and other consultants, including engineers and surveyors, then contractors and sub-contractors, suppliers and merchants.


We examine the effects of planning policy and related conservation measures, as well as the Building Regulations, health and safety requirements, standards and the growing impact of sustainability measures. Finally, we look at the whole building procurement process, alternative arrangements and how specifications come about.


Although bringing together different aspects to give an overall view of the building industry, space does not allow every topic to be covered in detail. In any event, each product, material or service can be considered as unique in the combination of factors that impact upon it. If nothing else, this guidance demonstrates the growing complexity of the industry today and the need for an overall understanding of it in order to maximise opportunities and avoid pitfalls.


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